N0-1 Etafunayama Tumulus
 The “Etafunayama Tumulus” is one of the most valuable historic sites for learning about ancient Japanese history and culture. It is a 44m long key-hole shaped tumulus built in the late 5th century, and it is surrounded by a trench. The tumulus is covered by naturally-growing trees, and inside is a house-shaped stone coffin, made of a type of stone called Aso tuff. It can be entered from the side, and an enormous number of burial accessories were found inside. More than 200 items were discovered such as swords, including the famous silver-inlaid sword Ginzoganmeitachi, mirrors, battle gear, riding gear, gilt bronze headwear and footwear, as well as gold earrings.  The collection includes many items that suggest exchange with the main continent, and the items were later collectively designated as national treasures. In addition, the tumulus is also a nationally designated historic site, and the area is maintained as the Etafunayama Tumulus Park. Here, you can enter the special house-shaped stone coffin (often seen in the north Kyushu region), and take a trip back more than 1,500 years ago.
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