N0-16 The Ruins of Tanaka Castle
 Tanaka Castle is also called Wani Castle. It is a mountain castle, and the former residence of the Wani clan, a member of which from the Higo Province ruled the area during the Sengoku period. After Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s Kyushu campaign, Higo was given to Sasa Narimasa. However, Narimasa’s heavy-handed policies caused the inhabitants of the Higo Province to revolt in 1587.  Tanaka Castle was one of their final holdouts. It is said that approximately 900 soldiers held out for nearly two months against the grand army of 10,000 troops sent by Hideyoshi.  A record of the tactics detailing the battle at the time remains, and from this we know what the castle looked like and the decisions made by Hideyoshi’s army in the battle. These castle ruins tell the history of the Sengoku period, and they are currently designated as national historic site. You can enjoy a walk while looking at the castle keep, with its excellent view, the restored castle gate, the building ruins indicated by the planted Japanese boxwood, and the dry moat.
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