N0-14 Kinsei Sanrenshiki Mimikazari (Gold Triple Earrings)
 The “Kinsei Sanrenshiki Mimikazari (gold triple earrings)” are exquisitely detailed, and they are one type of gold earring found in the Etafunayama Tumulus. Three chains hang from the earrings, and silver is used in parts in addition to gold. Small spherical ornaments are attached in the middle of the chains. Heartleaf ornaments shaped like tree leaves are attached to the ends of two of the chains, and a cone-shaped ornament is attached to the other chain.  In addition, a variety of fine details can be seen such as a pattern made out of gold bits and blue glass beads embedded in the cone-shaped ornament.  Similar to the “Kinsei Shinyokei Mimikazari (gold heartleaf-shaped earrings),” these ornaments give a sense of the newly received techniques and culture from abroad. They have been designated as national treasures.  Through the replicas on display at the Museum of History and Folklore, you can come in contact with their details and sense of design.
  • 商工観光課
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