N0-12 Kondosei Kutsu (Gilt Bronze Footwear)
 The “Kondosei Kutsu (gilt bronze footwear),” found in the Etafunayama Tumulus, are a national treasure. It is thought that they are ceremonial rather than for practical use. Both of the shoes are more than 32 cm long.  They are made from three sheets of gilt bronze, and the bottom and side sheets are riveted to the toe and heel sections. The entire surface is covered in a hexagonal turtle shell pattern, and if you look closely, you can see that small ornaments called “hoyo” used to be attached.  In addition, you can see nine spike-like protrusions from the bottom.  A replica is on display at the Museum of History and Folklore. The fact that it was discovered in nearly its original form also makes it an important historical resource.
  • 商工観光課
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