N0-11 Kondosei Sukashibori Kanbo (Gilt Bronze Openwork Headwear)
 Many personal ornaments were found in the Etafunayama Tumulus. One of these is the “Kondosei Sukashibori Kanbo (gilt bronze openwork headwear),” which has been designated as a nation treasure.  The headwear was made from an openwork sheet of gilt bronze. The design of the openwork is of two dragons entwined in the center surrounded by a flame pattern. On one side, there is an ornamental metal fixture that winds like a dragon’s tail, and there is a semi-spherical ornament attached on the end.  In addition, there are partial remains of ornaments called “hoyo,” and you can imagine how gorgeous it must have looked at the time. This burial accessory shows a surprising level of processing skill.  A replica is on display at the Museum of History and Folklore.
  • 商工観光課
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