N0-10 Ginzoganmeitachi (Famous Silver-inlaid Sword)
 In particular among the burial accessories found in the Etafunayama Tumulus, the “Ginzoganmeitachi,” a national treasure, is said to be a very important resource for understanding Japanese ancient history.  The sword is 90 cm long, 4 cm wide, and 0.8 cm thick in its existing form, and there is a 75 character inscription on the back side. The lettering includes not only Chinese characters but also the earliest version of classical Japanese, and it is a record-setting passage that includes people’s names and positions.  In addition, there are designs of a Pegasus, bird and fish inlaid in silver on the blade, and this suggests the creator possessed a high level of skill.  You can see the inscriptions, with explanations, and the designs of a Pegasus, etc. up close on the replica on display at the Museum of History and Folklore.
  • 商工観光課
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