N0-9 Museum of History and Folklore
 The Museum of History and Folklore is located within the “Higo Minka Village.” The facility introduces the items found in the tumuli and historic sites located within Nagomimachi as well as other cultural asset resources.  Within the museum, items are displayed and explained by period such as pottery and kamekan coffins from the Jomon and Yayoi periods, stone and clay figures from the Tumulus period, and relics discovered in the ruins of Tanaka Castle from the medieval period.  Also, the many burial accessories found in the Etafunayama Tumulus, a national historic site, have been designated national treasures, and are currently stored and displayed at the Tokyo National Museum.  Therefore, replicas have been made of the main items. “Silver-inlaid swords,” “gilt bronze openwork headwear,” “gilt bronze footwear,” and “golden earrings” are on display and are worth seeing.
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