N0-8 The Former Fuse Residence
 The former Fuse residence was moved to the “Higo Minka Village” from Joetsu City in Niigata Prefecture. It is a town designated important cultural asset.  The Fuse family is descendant of Emperor Kanmu and their lineage is said to come from Taira-no-Yorimori. They served the Uesugi clan of Echigo during the Sengoku period. It is said that they also participated in battle as senior vassals during the time of Lord Uesugi Kenshin.  The large, thatched-roofed house was built approximately 300 years ago. It is two stories tall and 369 m2 (112 tsubo) in area. The house has an imposing atmosphere typical of prosperous farmers such as having 14 Japanese-style rooms and an entry hall, which give a sense of their high status, as well as an earthen storehouse with an attached shack, which is unique to regions with deep snows.  In addition, many furnishings, etc. remain within the Fuse residence, so there are many things to see in this old private residence.
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