N0-7 The Former Sakai Residence
 The former Sakai residence was moved to the “Higo Minka Village” from Gyokutomachi in the Tamana District.  It was built in 1830, in the late Edo period, and it is a nationally designated important cultural asset.  It appears to be a single family home with a wide dirt-floored room, but it is actually a “two-building structure” with the dirt-floored room and the building containing the rooms standing next to each other. There is a gutter running next to the room with the dirt floor adjoining the fronts of the two buildings.  The building retains many of the representative characteristics of private homes in the northern part of Kumamoto Prefecture such as the thatched-roofs being connected by a U-shaped structure called a “hearth shape.”  In addition, the buildings display rare techniques such as sloping outer walls as the earthen walls are built away from the pillars.  It is an open design with three rooms facing the dirt-floored room where the family would work and cook. You can get a feel for what life was like at the time from the Tanama region living utensils and farm implements on display.
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