N0-5 Higo Minka Village
The “Higo Minka Village” is located within the Eta Fanayama Tumulus Park, and here, you can experience good, old-fashioned Japanese atmosphere. Old, still-standing minka (private homes) were moved to the village from a variety of locations, and then restored and preserved in their original states. The most famous old private homes, namako-walled storehouses, houses of wealthy farmers that served the warrior Lord Uesugi Kenshin, stone roofs moved from Tsushima Island in Nagasaki Prefecture, and water mills in the northern part of Kumamoto Prefecture dot the area. The area is a popular spot to enjoy the seasonal scenery such as cherry blooms, the new green leaves, hydrangea flowers, and the autumn leaves. A variety of events including the “Nagomimachi Tumulus Festival” are held here throughout the year. There are also workshops where you can experience making crafts as well as fashionable cafes and galleries.
  • 商工観光課
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  • 三加和支所
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