N0-4 Eta Anakannon Tumulus
The “Eta Anakannon Tumulus,” a nationally designated historic site, is located in a gentle slope amidst a small forest behind the central community hall next to the Nagomimachi town hall. It was originally a round tumulus around 25 meters in diameter, and is estimated to have been built in the early 7th century. The interior of the tumulus contains multiple horizontal stone chambers. It is divided into three sections: a corridor, a front chamber where the dead are interred, and a back chamber.  The stone rooms are approximately 9 meters in total length, and they are all made of large blocks of a stone called Aso tuff. The gates dividing the three rooms are also dug out of a single block of stone. The elaborate construction method is marvelous to behold. In addition, within the internal stone chamber, there are three U-shaped locations where the dead are ensconced, which is a unique format developed in the Higo region. Normally, it is not possible to enter the tumulus, but you can view the corridor that contains a statue of Kannon, which is thought to be the origin of the name, and the gate opening that leads to the front chamber.
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