N0-3 Kokunzozuka Tumulus
  A large, old camphor tree with branches spread wide marks the “Kokunzozuka Tumulus.” The tumulus is located within Etafunayama Tumulus Park, and has been designated as a national historic site. Prior to the area being developed, the top of the hill was dedicated to Kokuzo Bosatsu, and this is thought to be the origin of the name. It is not known when the tumulus was built, but the relics excavated from within suggest the early 6th century. The tumulus is key-hole shaped and 44 meters long, and it is considered scallop-shaped with a smaller anterior portion. The interior of the tumulus has yet to be investigated, but cylindrical clay figures, figures of men, and the heads of red-painted figures have been excavated from the surrounding trench. Please ponder for a while on the ancient world beneath the camphor tree that stands as if to protect the tumulus.
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