N0-2 Tsukabozu Tumulus
 The “Tsukabozu Tumulus” is located in a corner of the Etafunayama Tumulus Park. It is key-hole shaped tumulus built in the early 6th century, and it has been designated as a national historic site.  The restored tumulus is 43.4 meters in total length, and surrounded by a trench. The rear circular section is approximately 5.5 meters tall.  The interior of the tumulus is a horizontal stone chamber. Red and white consecutive triangular patterns, diamond shapes, and circles have been drawn on the inside walls of the house-shaped stone interior. This is thought to be the oldest of the decorated tumuli, which are often seen in the Kikuchigawa river basin, and this tumulus is very valuable for learning about how they propagated. For preservation purposes, reservations are required for tours into the interior, but an outdoor display located on the lawn next to the tumulus shows stones used in ceiling of the stone room. Please feel the stones that protected the interior of the tumulus and experience the romance of that ancient period.
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